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"But you have planted wickedness, you have reaped evil,
   you have eaten the fruit of deception." Hosea 10:12

The greatest joy we can receive is seeing people freed

from the deception and bitter roots of their past.

I started On Word Ministries in 1987 as a teaching and ministry outreach to churches, church leaders, and members of the body of Christ. We relocated our headquarters to Myrtle Beach, SC, in 2004. From there we are available for ministry to church leadership groups, conferences, seminars, and retreats anywhere in the US and in many other parts of the world as well. We also offer personal prayer ministry to couples and individuals who are seeking a closer personal relationship to God, or who feel unfulfilled or dissatisfied with their lives.

As a professor of Bible and Theology on college campuses I became disillusioned with the value of academics to help with the practical problems of life. Many students came to me thinking I ought to have answers for the problems they were facing. I wanted to help, but at first I was insecure in my approach because I had no formal training in psychology. So I would simply pray under my breath while they shared their problems... and answers began to come.

Fortunately, I have always cared for people more than I've cared about the academic side of my profession. That put me in touch with the One who loves them the most, and cares for them even more deeply than I do. Abba Father is the one who has the answers. Apart from him... I have nothing to offer.


Fount Shults, Bible teacher, Biblical scholar 

 Fount Shults, PhD., Founder and Director of On Word Ministries

For more than 50 years professor Shults, affectionately known as "Brother Fount", has been a familiar face on college campuses and universities across the country. Many of his students have become ministers, church leaders, and distinguished theologians. His experience in helping students has made him a highly sought after teacher.  Fount has been invited to hold leadership conferences for churches and ministers in Mexico, Columbia, the Ukraine, Korea, Indonesia, India, Canada, and of course the US. His reflections on Bible topics have been read almost daily by thousands of people for decades, and his books on Father's Love and Personal Freedom have changed the lives of many. Fount is a graduate of...

  • Eastern New Mexico University (MA), University of Texas at Austin (PhD.)

  • Professor of Bible and Theology

  • Seminar Leader and Speaker

  • Author of Books, Devotionals, and Scholarly Works

  • Mentor to Church Leaders

  • Prayer Minister for Couples and Individuals

  • Father of 6, and Grandfather of 12

Lynda Shults, prayer warrior

Lynda Shults, Administrative Director of On Word Ministries

Lynda has been Fount's right arm since they started On Word Ministries in 1987. A natural organizer, she has kept the ministry on track and Fount on schedule for conferences, seminars, and speeches on 5 continents. Using her keen gift of discernment, Lynda also ministers with her husband of 47 years. As a team-teacher with Fount, she brings practical application alongside his insights into the Word of God.

  • Prayer Warrior and Prayer Minister

  • Administrative Assistant to Fount/Business Manager for On Word

  • Lifelong Companion to Fount 

  • Mother of their 6 Children, and Grandmother of 12





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