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spirit filled prayer ministry for personal freedom

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"But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it." Matthew 7:14

Dissatisfied with life? Hungry for God? Feeling lost? Abandoned?

Prayer ministry can't solve your problems, but it can surely help free you from them.


personal freedom through prayer ministry

How is prayer ministry different from counseling?

Counseling aims to make you feel better about yourself (spouse, kids, etc.), help you cope better with adverse situations, and block or lessen undesirable feelings or behavior (like anger, addiction, or depression). Many counsellors (lay or Christian), psychologists, and other therapists rely on various psychological techniques designed to accomplish these goals, and usually work with a client for months or even years before any appreciable results are obtained. Psychiatrists may also use powerful psycho-chemicals that actually change the way your brain works in an attempt to give you instant "relief".

The goals of Prayer Ministry are similar in many ways, but in prayer ministry we listen to hear what Father God has been trying to say to us. We allow that creative word of the Father to come into your spirit and transform you from the inside out. This creates something new inside you, corrects false beliefs you may have about yourself or others, and unlocks the door to a new life of total freedom in Christ. Prayer Ministry is not a quick fix, but what happens is permanent.

What can I expect to get from prayer ministry?

You can expect to receive permanent freedom from issues that have troubled you for many years. You will also receive training in how to hear from God yourself, so you can have victory over other issues that arise as your life continues to unfold.

Exactly what happens during a prayer ministry session?

We just sit down and talk with you in an informal atmosphere, help you listen to what the Father has to say, and pray with you about it over a 2-3 day period. These daily sessions can be intense emotionally, so we normally limit them to 2-3 hours. Typically, the whole series of meetings will run 10 or 12 hours in all, although sometimes they can take more or less time.

In each session we invite the Holy Spirit to be your counselor (in the sense of a lawyer representing your case to the Judge, who is your heavenly Father). We ask questions designed to define and clarify troubling issues, and allow the counselor to do his work.

Over the years we've had many great success stories, but in all honesty we've also had a few cases where very little was gained. In any event falling short of complete victory is nothing to be ashamed of, and we certainly would never think of blaming you for failing in any way. We simply don't have the ability to minister to everyone on every issue.

Do I need to prepare myself in any way?

Not really. Some people spend time praying or fasting before they come. Others seek some alone-time to prepare their heart to receive Father’s unconditional love. But most just come, eager to change.

How can I tell if prayer ministry is right for me?

Follow your heart. Your soul (the seat of your intellect, logic, and emotions) will give you conflicting answers in an effort to keep you from making a decision. But your heart knows, so listen to it.

Do I have to be "born again" or believe in Jesus?

Being "born again" is not a prerequisite. But if you are not a follower of Jesus, you will need to be open to what he might want to say to you. We have nothing to offer anyone apart from Him. No pressure tactics will be used to manipulate you into thinking the way we do. The Counselor (Holy Spirit) does not coerce... he only offers help.

How do I get started?

We need to find out more about you before we can schedule anything or begin ministering to you. We recommend calling us first to be sure this is right for you. Then we will send you a comprehensive questionnaire covering your past life experiences and belief system. Your answers will help give us an idea of the major issues we will be facing in our time together, and will help us zero in on the problems that are holding you back from the life God intended for you. Rest assured all content will remain completely confidential. NOTHING (not even your age) will be shared with anyone else. After we receive your answers we can schedule a time together. Because of our ministry schedule, which frequently takes us out of the country, we can only accommodate 1-2 individuals (or couples) a month. We highly recommend e-mailing or calling us well in advance to schedule a time that will be mutually convenient.

Do you charge a fee?

No, we do not charge for our service. However, we do request an offering, since that is how we support ourselves and our ministry. But we won't turn anyone away who has the heartfelt desire to be free, simply because he feels he cannot afford to come to us. Churches and other organizations often pay for their people to receive ministry. If you truly want this, God will find a way.


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