"You don't have to be a victim of your past. Whatever has happened is history. You can't change it, but you certainly can free yourself from its influence."



Live life, and live it more abundantly

Life is full of bumps and bruises. Most of these we can just shrug off. But there are times when "things" can cling to us and weigh us down so heavily that we lose all joy in life. Right now times are tough for most of us... economically, spiritually, and every other way. But it is our attitude towards our circumstances and past traumas, not the events themselves, that prevents us from experiencing the fullness of life that God intended.

Don't be deceived

That's why so many people have turned to drugs, sex, pharmaceuticals, psychotherapy, traditional counseling, Yoga, life coaching and a hundred other ways to self-fulfilment. But none of these, or any of the self-help fixes out there, can fill the void in our lives or provide the everlasting peace we crave, because none can really free us from the tenacious grip of our past that is based on the lies of our adversary.

There is a way

Prayer Ministry is not counseling... it is not TheophosticsTM... it is not spiritism... it is not hypnosis, DianeticsTM, a quick fix, or an easy one. It is instead a way to uncover and free yourself forever from the ensnaring bitter roots and false beliefs about yourself that have made you a slave to failure and misery.

If you truly want more out of life than what's on your plate right now, and you're willing to let the Holy Spirit help free you from the shackles that enslave you... Prayer Ministry can help unblock your  path to a brilliant future... the one God intended for you.

Get Free!



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