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Fount's books are to be savored like fine wine. All are penetrating, incisive, and revelatory. Fount exposes Biblical truths with impeccable logic and scholarly study, but packages them in a way both new and mature Christians can understand.



fatherslove.jpg "Fathers Love Journey", paperback

"Dr. Shults' insights into the complexities of John's gospel are thrilling. This is a book that needs to be savored and prayed over. He astonishes you by linking the gospel from its beginning to its end with common themes. His treatment of Chapters 1-4 is extremely thorough, and his coverage of the great commissioning in the final chapter is inspiring." 

Embark on a fascinating journey of seeking and finding rest in the Father's bosom. Encounter the drawing power of the love that sent Jesus into the world. Get caught up in the movement from earthly bondage and striving to the heavenly freedom of resting in God's love. Discover the truth that makes you free. Find your place among the disciples who follow Jesus until they find the good life in him.

Dr. Shults follows the themes of believing and abiding through John's Gospel. He exposes the danger of approaching God with our own agenda, invites us to be filled with Love (God), and to love others freely as we walk with Jesus on this path.

"Love has been on a journey into the world since the beginning of time. God sent his Son to draw us into his personal journey of love. Jesus' journey makes a full circle from his Father into the world and back to the Father. He invites us to join him as he returns". Fount

pilgrimage_to_personhood.jpg "Pilgrimage to Personhood", paperback

This is a book about images... your self-image, the world image, and the God image. It traces the development of those images, shows how they can affect your behavior, and how they can be changed.

Join Fount in an engrossing escape to freedom from:

          • Low Self-esteem

          • Inner Anxieties

          • Emotional Wounds

Learn how to re-evaluate subconscious images that influence your attitude and behavior in order to discover "who you are" and "who you are

prodigal_cover_ss.jpg "Invitation to Intimacy", paperback

"I thought I understood the parable of the prodigal son, but then I read Fount's book and was astonished at what I didn't know."

Join Fount in a penetrating study of this beloved parable. Learn why Jesus told this story to the Pharisees, and what that means to us today.

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